When I started Behind Closed Doors it was my intention to only interview women.

That all changed a month or so ago when I visited my local Gynaecology clinic and I saw an image on the wall that intrigued me. 

I did some research and a few emails later here we are.

The image was of 40 women’s labia’s and it turns out it was only one part of a world-famous sculpture by the very talented Jamie McCartney.   

On Jamie’s website he writes:

The Great Wall of Vagina is a great socio-political importance and is a highly provocative response to the exponential rise in cosmetic labial surgeries.  By confronting the viewer and revealing the diversity of female genital appearance, the sculpture opposes any notion of a singularly “perfect” aesthetic, thereby forcing society to rethink its relationship with the vulva.

During our fun and interesting conversation Jamie and I chat about:

  • body casting
  • penis sculpting
  • labiaplasty
  • loving our bodies
  •  what was involved in the 5 year creative process
  • the details of the sculpture
  •  how the sculpture is impacting the lives of women
  • and so much more

With a career-long commitment to experimentation Jamie focuses largely on the body using traditional and novel materials, applying many unusual processes.  Often exploring emotive subjects his work tends to court controversy.

With his work constantly in the media, Jamie has gained an international reputation as a leading underground artist.  Publicly speaking on subjects such as art versus pornography and the importance of art as an engine of social change, he remains a campaigner and advocate of many causes.  He exhibits frequently, has appeared in several art books and has private collectors from all around the world.

Here is our interview.

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Enjoy xx