It’s always fun chatting with like-minded, intuitive souls.

A natural born psychic and intuitive, Holly’s specialties are shadow work, psychology 101, family dynamics and transforming behavioural patterns.

During this interview Holly and I deep-dive into:

  • understanding shadow work
  • abuse and spirituality
  • perspective and labels
  • how we can transform our patterns and programs
  • conscious living
  • the ongoing effects of the August eclipse and new moon
  • plus loads more

Holly is a certified Intuitive Life Coach, Author, International Speaker and Spiritual Teacher with a love of helping others connect to their higher selves. Holly channels messages from the divine that supports the collective in awakening to their greatest potential. 

After experiencing childhood trauma, she immersed herself in the study of psychology and spirituality. For the past 13 years she has dedicated her time to learning and sharing ground breaking techniques for inner healing while supporting her clients to fully express and love themselves – all the while guiding them to step into their own greatness.

Her motto is: “The time is now for Happiness & Fulfillment.” Her Vision is: “Heaven on Earth” and her mission is achieved by bringing woman and their partners together through deeper connection and intimacy.

Here is our interview.

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