I had the privilege of meeting Lacey earlier this year at a 3 Day Bali Mastermind.

Towards the end of the event we had a conversation where she shared some of her story with me.  As the tears were flowing from my own eyes, I let her know how much of an inspiration and role model she was and mentioned that I would love to interview her sometime; not knowing when, where or how that would take place. 

Fast forward 8 months and here we are. 

Lacey has experienced so much in her 23 years on this planet.  She is a Muay Thai Fighter and Holistic Health Coach who believes that nutrition is only one part of the journey.

She started her health journey alone and battled through eating disorders and depression before finding Muay Thai.  It is now her life purpose to empower young women to get healthy and eat right and to show them the steps to save them the tears and time it took on her own journey.  Lacey believes that fulfilment comes from constantly facing fears and recognising your true potential, and bringing that gift forward to help make the world a better place.

During our deep-dive we chat about:

  • what it was like growing up with anorexia and bulimia
  • hitting the threshold of happiness
  • the pressure of feeling not good enough
  • advice for our younger girls
  • being the best version of yourself
  • a message for mum’s
  • being open and honest with our children
  • and so much more

Here is our interview.

You can connect with Lacey here: LaceyRochelle.com

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Enjoy xx