De Carter, is an Investment Mentor, Speaker and Founder of Women’s Money Forum, an educational platform and community for women who are on a mission to live their highest values and also be financially secure.

She is a 20-year investment veteran with her own investment portfolio and has personally coached hundreds of men and women in implementing investment strategies over the last 11 years’ worth in excess of $100million.

She’s a self-confessed learning junkie with a Diploma of Financial Planning, a Certificate IV in Financial Services, Post Graduate Diploma in Education and is a qualified Real Estate Representative. She loves being able to assist clients in embedding the technical aspects of money, investing and financial wellness into their daily lives with absolute ease.

When she's not educating about money, she is a devoted Mum, a classical ballet dancer, fitness fanatic, marathon runner, has a passion for conscious abundant living and loves devouring books.

During our interview we discuss:

  • getting real on where we are at financially
  • money mindset and strategy
  • the stories we tell ourselves
  • sitting above/below the line
  • the law of intention
  • the vacuum law
  • the law of attraction
  • plus more…

Here is our interview.

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Enjoy xx