When I first started diving deep into feminine energy it really surprised me just how much we aren’t taught.

This part of ourselves is something that we usually find ourselves looking for as we mature.  We feel it.  Yet we aren’t quite sure what it is.

To me it was like entering an underworld when I started on this journey.

The most beautiful, sacred and delicious space I’d ever entered.

I was really excited about this interview based off the recommendation I had received.

Sonja is an Intimacy & Empowerment Mentor, Facilitator & Healer.

She supports women and men to reclaim their embodied power & vitality

and create conscious & fulfilling intimate relationships.

Those who work with her frequently report that they have powerful transformational experiences and feel loved, beautiful, alive, juicy, powerful and connected, fully, for the first time.

Based in Bali she travels the world offering powerful group rituals and retreats, intimacy workshops and private sessions.

She will help you transform your tears into gold, orgasms into prayers, and your life into a wild sacred adventure!

During our deep-dive conversation we spoke about:

  • how vulnerability leads to intimacy
  • allowing others to witness our vulnerability
  • how we expand our sacred sexuality
  • trusting our body wisdom
  • matching our inner reality with our outer reality
  • plus so much more…

Here is our interview.

Sonja shares practical tools for next level love, sex, embodiment and relationships in her blog, videos, Free Webinars and Online Programs.  You can connect with her here: http://www.sonjashradhadevi.com

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Enjoy xx