I recently did an interview with Jamie McCartney who is the artist behind the sculpture The Great Wall of Vagina – a socio-political masterpiece comprising 400 plaster casts of women’s genitals. The sculpture was created as a response to the exponential rise in cosmetic labial surgeries, often because women think there is something wrong with the way they look.  The sculpture shared the diversity of female genital appearance thereby forcing society to rethink its relationship with the vulva. 

So, you can imagine how intrigued I was when a news article popped up on my computer screen about a woman who had opted for labiaplasty due to medical reasons.

I sent a quick message to Tracy on Instagram and the interview was booked.

Tracy had long-term suffering with her extended labia and when she went to her Doctor to see what was going on he let her know that she could have surgery to ease the discomfort.

The intriguing part, as a celebration of her freedom from pain, Tracy now wears her labia in a fashionable pendant around her neck.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t research who Tracy was or what she did before our interview.  I was so in awe of her own personal empowerment that the rest didn’t matter.

Writing this blog this morning, I visited Tracy’s website and watched her welcome video on her site. 

I cried.

Tracy was bullied throughout her schooling years, became a single mum at the age of 20 and has overcome a lot of adversity to create an amazing life for herself and her two children. 

During our interview, we discuss:

  • her passion for raising awareness for the health benefits of circumcision
  • how life was for her before the surgery
  • how surgery has changed her life
  • the process of how she cast her labia
  • female genital mutilation

She is a super inspiring and successful Personal Trainer, Author, Journalist, Blogger, Single Mum, Model, Social Media and TV Personality whose motto is: Life Is Too Short To Be Predictable.

I absolutely agree!

Here is our interview.

You can connect with Tracy here:



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Enjoy xx