Ever had an experience where you’ve met someone and you feel like you’ve known them your whole life?

What about when you meet someone and you get a funny feeling that you’ve known each other in a past life?

I’ve always had a curiosity about the after life, soul connections, karma and God (Source/Universe).  And for the past 8 months or so my body has been guiding me towards studying Metaphysics.

So when I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Carolyn about all of these things, I jumped at it.

Carolyn has been a student and practitioner of metaphysical spirituality for more than thirty-five years.  She is certified in the practice of spiritual psychology, clinical hypnotherapy and has a master’s degree in holistic nutrition.  She is the author of the recently released book. Life Before Life: How Soul Agreements Direct Our Destiny, which follows her first book, I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening From The Illusion.  Carolyn is also a regular contributor to the highly respected Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine.

During our conversation Carolyn and I dive deep into:

  • how soul agreements play out in our everyday lives
  • duality
  • earthly relationships
  • how our perception of god/universe influences our lives
  • the creative life-force that is within all of us
  • ways to overcome and heal our fears
  • and so much more

Here is our interview.

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Enjoy xx