In doing my research around the topic of addiction, I wasn’t able to find anything concrete for the number of people globally that are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

What I did find was a statement that 20 million people in 2011 suffered some form of addiction (not including tobacco).

That was six years ago; and only America.

Those stats are off the charts.

During our conversation Melissa and I deep-dive in to topics that seem worlds apart yet that are so beautifully interlinked.

We chat about:

  • daily self-action
  • filling up before you flow out
  • self-love routines
  • stepping into the who we are
  • judgement
  • growing up in a household with a parent with addiction
  •  boundaries
  • and dealing with childhood trauma

Melissa is a self-love fire starter and photographer of the Fierce Feminine Rising.

She brings all of who she is and what she’s been through to create healing and empowerment for women and girls across the globe and hold sacred space for them to step into and embody their inner goddess through self-love.

Here is our interview.

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