During this interview, I chat with Marissa Downes about combining our intellect with our deep level of wisdom.

We chat about tapping in to our body and listening to what it’s telling us, and how when we add in elevated consciousness we can make decisions more effectively, more quickly, and we can have so much more influence and impact in our business, as parents, and in a leadership space. 

We dive deep into:

  • intellect
  • performance and transformation
  • consciousness
  • elevating consciousness
  • logic vs intuition
  • interlinking our masculine & feminine energy
  • and trust

Marissa is a deeply connected, highly driven trailblazer and Chief Enabling Officer at Blue Ocean Success Strategies.

A fierce mind and a gypsy soul integrate into the wise and adventurous nature that makes up Marissa's deeply nurturing but no BS approach to coaching and training.

Here is our interview.

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Enjoy xx