I am a Woman's Empowerment & Mindset Coach
an accredited NLP Practitioner &

Time Line Therapist


Learn how to:

► Implement change
► Design a life you truly love
► Discover the tools to unselfishly put yourself first
► Give yourself permission to live your life based from desire rather than "have to's"
► Step up to your own next level
► Uncover your purpose in life
► Find a love for yourself that you may have forgotten or didn't realize you had
► Understand that you can create whatever you choose in life
► Transform


28 day 1:1 intensive

► Dive deep in to who you really are
► Discover your purpose in life
► Find your voice
► Remove the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
► Design your life on your terms
► Gain clarity
► Find your inner happiness
► Shift your mindset from lack mentality to abundance mentality
► Learn how to manifest what you desire
► Learn new mindset and body work tools 


12 Week Signature Program

► Learn & understand self-care
► Learn mindset tools
► Create daily rituals
► Remove limiting beliefs
► Create healthy relationships
► Understand masculine and feminine energy
► Learn to put yourself first
► Plus loads more 


ONLINE Membership Group

► Receive weekly mind/body/soul coaching sessions

► Group coaching calls

► Special guest speakers

► Group interaction

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"Alicia is a light house. She is solid to her core. Impeccable with her word. Shines the light on the situation from all angles. Shines light on ALL situations - even the ones you cannot see. Alicia is a healer - intuitive, loving, safe & genuinely caring. She is also a bad ass empowerment goddess and will raise her strength for you when you most need to hear it. Work with Alicia and you WILL transform. It's inevitable because she truly is the teacher holding space for when you, the student are ready to blow your own beautiful mind and step into all that you ever desire and deserve for your life. " WENDY MILLER - SUCCESS COACH

"Meeting Alicia and working with her has been a great blessing to me!  I would highly recommend her 28-day program as it is truly transformational!  Alicia has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet very skillful in helping me focus on what is really important to me, as well as the next steps to work towards my goals. She has provided me with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to create an amazing life.  Each session was eye-opening, with lots of practical and creative ideas – we went deep into the process, especially with clearing limiting beliefs – you don’t realize how many limiting beliefs you actually have until you start to do the work.   It’s amazing to look back at the entire process and see and feel the transformation.. Thank you Alicia! You are a treasure and a rich blessing." RUBY BANGA