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I have been inspiring, motivating and educating audiences for close to a decade.

Speaking for crowds of 5-1500 people, I have created, organized and hosted events, spoken nationally, and trained internationally all whilst maintaining my own personal development and training with incredible mindset and wealth coaches from around the globe.

I am passionate about teaching women the art of putting themselves first, about undoing the labels that women place on themselves and about connecting women to the truth of who they really are so that they can live their most amazing life possible.


"I have had the privilege to attend two masterminds with Alicia. I was immediately drawn to this sparkling, strong, powerful, incredible woman. I was honoured to have her as a guest speaker at my own mastermind and the guests were beyond thankful for her teachings. I am hoping to have her back at my next event to speak for half a day as she is a true wealth of information. Inspired and inspiring , Alicia shares from the heart. She has a soul of pure gold and has so much wisdom to share. I HIGHLY recommend Alicia as a coach and speaker to anyone who wants to really make lasting life changes." KRISTIN BALTER, MAGIC MASTERMIND SERIES

"I develop people for a living so I am always looking at people through a magnifying glass. It is very difficult for me to be amazed by people because I am always looking at ways of improvement. But Alicia...this girl is a Rock Star! She is a lighthouse- incredibly strong, passionate about helping people and changing lives, incredibly well spoken, is beyond educated and a true light for the world. I have already given her name to several people for private coaching as well as given her name to companies for speaking and I don't normally do that! I can't say enough amazing things about this girl!" JONATHAN GEORGE, JG ENTERTAINMENT

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