Some days I pinch myself!!!!

What an unusual saying πŸ˜‚

Two days ago I had an opportunity come up to go on a 14 day retreat to Peru mid Nov.

The synchronicities of how this came about reminded me of just how much we truly are guided in our lives.

Our job... to listen πŸ’š

Although it’s taken me up until a few years ago to really start listening to my soul nudges, I love that it’s second nature now.

And geez have we been on some incredible adventures my soul and I.

So this morning I said YES!

Yes to being in the jungle.
Yes to the experience being offered.
Yes to more soul expansion.
Yes to a deeper connection with myself and with Mother Nature.

From there I’m home for a night and then off on an 8 Day Ancient Awakening Retreat in Vanuatu - think more deep-dive 
self-expansion and conscious connection.

I’m home for a few days and then off to Sydney for some epic business celebrations.

I also woke to a beautiful message letting me know I’ve been invited to give a speech to an incredible group of people.


The finishing touches are currently being added to my upcoming signature program for women who want to be guided to dive deeper into their own self-worth, self-love and self-expansion.

Sitting at my fav cafe, in this moment I feel grateful to have made a decision to LIVE my life rather than let life just happen.

It just takes one step.

Each and every single day.

Saying β€˜I deserve more’.

Listening to where your heart and soul are guiding you.

UNTIL it becomes your new normal.

And you decide that living this way is so much more fulfilling.

Take that leap...
You deserve it beautiful human!

Big love always
Allie πŸ’š