Two weeks in the jungle will certainly crack you open and expand your heart in ways you never imagined possible 💚

I have:

🍃cried tears of sadness AND of joy
🍃laughed till my stomach hurts
🍃next levelled
🍃spent time in silence 
🍃written pages upon pages in my journal
🍃fasted daily
🍃pushed through my comfort zone
🍃sat in multiple plant medicine ceremonies
🍃learnt the ways of a beautiful tribe
🍃deepened my connection with myself, my soul, my heart AND with nature
🍃healed past wounds and conflicts that are no longer serving me
🍃had minimal contact with the outside world
🍃learnt a little Spanish 
🍃met amazing people 
🍃and sooooooo much more...

Sending you all so much love friends xx