Waking up beside my man this morning in one of our fav hotels and I’m feeling grateful for our relationship.

As I lay here beside him while he sleeps i’m reflecting on the year that was 2018.

Take away the travel, the money, the interviews, the recognition, the awards, the leadership, the social media growth, my online marketing biz, my online coaching biz, the opportunities, ALL of the changes and I’m left with what’s most important to me.

My son and the open relationship we have. 16 years with this young man sure has opened my heart in so many ways. I love that he has a safe space with me to just BE, to speak his truth, to explore and experiment with life, to not be judged for who he is, what he does and how he does it. I’m blessed to recognise and have him as one of my greatest teachers.

My beautiful man and how we continue to grow and expand with each other. We spend a lot of time a part. We walk different paths. We live in seperate houses. Yet my soul is so deeply connected with his. We’ve done many lifetimes together... of this I’m sure.

The thousands of thank you’s and heartfelt messages from amazing people across the globe this year letting me know they feel inspired, have cried, have laughed, have been triggered, have had breakthroughs, they enjoy my space, I’ve given them hope, and have made an impact and a difference to their lives. This lights me up.

My PA, my clients, my team and our wider online community who I love and adore. Who show up for their own lives and create their own impact. Their stories, their internal growth. Their financial growth. Their personal growth. Their connection. OUR connection.

My own personal growth, remembering my worth, claiming that, honouring my needs, setting clear boundaries, trusting myself, falling totally in love with the amazing woman I am, surrendering to life, opening up to my spirituality on a whole new level, letting go of EVERYTHING that no longer serves me. Focusing on expanding my heart and becoming the best version of me possible. 

My cats, my close friends, my family, the ones I love, my own self-expansion, supporting others... THIS is what’s made my 2018 a year to remember.

A lot sure has changed in 365 days.

2019... I’m ready for the next level ❤️

Huge heartfelt thanks to all of you my amazing FB friends for being a part of the journey.

Big love always xx