Life for me has shifted in so many ways this past 18 days.

Both internally AND externally.

I love the contradiction of being in the jungle with bare necessities, dishes being washed in buckets on the floor, cold bucket showers, basic meals, a tambo to sleep in, simple living. 

And then hot showers, biz class flights, yummy food, connection with my family, social media access, buying gifts, etc...

Whilst living from a place of gratitude is my absolute norm it has certainly expanded to a whole new level during this past few weeks.

I’ve been beautifully REMINDED of the choices we are blessed to have in our country.

The choice to be independent, to create wealth, to choose a partner based on love rather than because we are forced into it, to live in a house, drive a car, read books, go on holidays, buy nice things... and the list goes on.

Feeling grateful for choosing to LIVE this life from a place of connectedness, appreciation, aligned action and pure joy.

It’s easy to take life for granted.
To complain.
To feel bored.
To do things that don’t light us up.
To just LET life happen.

It sure is much more fun though being ‘awake’, giving thanks for EVERYTHING, going on adventures and MAKING life happen.

I know what I prefer!!!