I saw this come up on my Facebook news feed yesterday.

Someone had commented on this post from April 2017.

It’s amazing how things appear just as we need them.

I thought I’d share the post below with you, maybe there’s something for you in it.

From April 2017:


12 months ago my heart felt like it was shattered in to a gazillion pieces and it was never going to heal.

You know that feeling of extreme pain deep within your core?  

The feeling that suffocates you... brings you to your knees... challenges you... and feels like it's breaking you... 

Yep, that's where I was at.

Facebook kindly shared a 1 year memory with me today that reminded me of this. The image was of me holding the book 'The Power of Now' and the words that accompanied it said 'It's time'.  

Talk about a game changer.  

That book had sat on my bookshelf unread for 20 years and the memory this morning took me back to that day 12 months ago.  

My relationship was ending.  

I felt it.  

My partner was heading off on a 9 week adventure and as we sat at the airport and I looked deep within his soul I could feel the beginning of the end.  

As tears began to well in my eyes I looked at him and the words that came from my lips were 'i am so grateful for ALL of what we have shared. And no matter what happens between now and when you get home I am forever grateful for us'.

The next 4 weeks I went through the break up on my own. I shed tear upon tear for everything that had happened between us. I had anxiety that kept tugging on my heart strings and just wouldn't let up. I spent time curled up in bed reading. I grieved. I cried some more. I talked it out with a best friend. Then cried some more.  

Ironically, every part of myself that I felt I had lost I began to find again.  

It was like the grief was a mixture of heartache and loss for my relationship yet it was also the heartache of every time I had let myself die a little more on the inside. It was the heartache of every time I had let myself down. It was the heartache of all the times I had let my own needs come second. It was the heartache of not setting boundaries. And funnily enough, it was the heartache of what felt like losing me yet finding me all over again.

Over that 9 week timeframe A LOT changed.  

I found meditation.

I read The Power of Now.

I started writing consistently in my gratitude journal.

I started exercising again 3 times a week.

I was eating well.

I heard the calling and I was eagerly following.

3 days after my partner came home we separated. 

Whilst there were intense feelings of anger and sadness it was the most beautiful break up I had ever experienced.

The universe had other ideas for us though and a few weeks later we came back together.  

This time things were different. 

During the time a part I began to understand why it was important for me to put myself first - in ALL areas of my life.

I began to see my patterns and programs that I had allowed to keep me playing small in my relationship and in every other area of my life.

I began to understand myself and what was important to me.

I began the journey home to myself and I could feel my soul cry with joy that I had finally listened to the call.

I created a daily morning ritual to love and honour myself and to keep my mindset strong.

I went to Byron Bay and became certified as an NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist through the beautiful Katie Macdonald.

I took part in Regan Anne Hillyer's 12 week Online Empire Builder course.

My job ended.

I wrote my first ebook.

And I felt the pull to begin teaching other women how to do the same. How to let go of what was no longer serving them. How to listen to what it was that they truly wanted. How to put themselves first. How to step in to the amazing women that they are and how to make a difference in their own lives so that they can do/be/have all that they truly desire.

In January of this year I created Alicia Aberley International.

I also ran my first ever FREE 5 Day Online Course.

February I went to Bali for a 3 Day Mastermind.

I also went to Melbourne to connect with a soul sister I had met through the Online Empire Builder.

I began guiding and coaching 5 incredible women to create change and growth in their own lives.

March I went back to Bali for another 8 Day Mastermind.

I appeared in a number of online publications including ABC, CNN and FOX.

I also worked with another 4 incredible women who were seeking guidance to shift and grow in their own lives.

And here we are.

April 2017... 12 months later.

I'm working with more incredible women who are choosing to remove their limitations and step in to their full potential.  

I've been interviewed for my first Podcast.

And through it all, I have been peeling back layer upon layer of all the things that I needed to heal within.

I have been listening to my soul's calling.

I have learnt to put myself first so that I can be of complete service to others.

I have stepped in to total alignment within ALL areas of my life.

I have learnt to love and honour myself.

I have found purpose and passion.

And finally I have an unwavering peace deep within that is as strong as the lighthouse.  Jonathan George, thank you for allowing me to see my own strength (and for the photo below).  

My mission and purpose in life now is to guide others on their own path home. To find their own peace within and to design a life they truly love.

I am forerver grateful I listened to the calling home.

Thank YOU for being a part of this journey with me.

Big love always