Do I Trigger You?




I hope my beaming light of shiny-ness shines awareness on all the areas where you are dimming your own light so that it inspires you to step into your own brightness and be more of who you truly are.

I hope my high-vibration and intense energy makes you feel uncomfortable if you are choosing to sit in a victim space, blame mode or an I’m too scared story because playing small isn’t serving you anymore and the truth of the matter, you are here to experience a life of joy, love, expansion and abundance.

I hope my conversations about money and wealth stir something within you if you aren’t yet making the money you desire because it’s your BIRTHRIGHT to be rich rather than living a life of ‘just getting by’.

I hope my usage of the word fuck makes you cringe if you secretly say it yet you are worried about what others would think of you if you used it on social media... because hiding who you truly are is one of the most debilitating and unsatisfying, soul-destroying things you can do.

I hope my life upgrades make you question everything you are unhappy with because Queen/King you DESERVE the best of everything.

I hope my living a life I love stirs something within you to make you start listening to those soul nudges and start designing, creating and living a life you love. You are meant for big things this lifetime and I know that you know it... within every inch of your being.

I hope my unfiltered truth gives you something to think about if you are still working a job you aren’t happy with, still in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling you and still doing the same uncomfortable thing day in day out because YOU my friend were put on this planet to make a difference. And deep down you know this is your truth.

I hope I trigger you on a regular basis to step up in your life, to take aligned action, to love more deeply, to dream bigger, to create what you desire, to speak your truth, to say no more often, to live a little more, to set higher expectations for yourself, to stop settling for what’s not serving you, and to fall a little more in love with yourself, each and every single day.

YOU are not on this planet to live a mediocre life. You are here to live big, to make a difference, to inspire yourself AND others and to do ALL the things you know you desire AND deserve.

I’m done with seeing women live at a smidge of their capacity letting fear, shame and guilt hold them back from creating a full body fuck YES life.

There are definitely no re-runs!

I love you 💕

Allie xx