Did You Know?



Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are unconscious???

And those thoughts are based on our patterning, programming, upbringing and conditioning.

They are also mostly thoughts of what we DO NOT want, what we are fearful of, lack, judgement, and so on...

What this means is that only 5% of the time we live in a MINDFUL state, thinking of our hopes, dreams, wishes and desires.


Drop the mic 🎤

When we live in an unconscious state we take direction from our past, our family members, our programming and our outdated belief systems.

Crazy huh!!!

To break it down even further, most people live each day on autopilot with an undercurrent of all the things they DO NOT want running the show.

So what do they get???

MORE of what they do not want 🤔

They re-live the same fears, doubts and worries and then wake up and do it all again the next day.

So how do we change this?

Firstly we get to become CONSCIOUS of our thoughts.

MINDFUL of our thoughts.

We get to become the OBSERVER of our thoughts.

From there we can ask ourselves specific questions.

Two of my favourites to ask myself are ‘do I actually believe what I am thinking’ and ‘what do I choose instead?’

Other tools include:

🌀Timeline Therapy (Master Practitioner here 🙋‍♀️)

🌀Visualisation processes

🌀Listening to audio as you go to sleep. During this phase as we slip into theta & the unconscious mind state we are able to reprogram the unconscious mind with what it is we DO want - love, happiness, joy, wealth, confidence, etc...

Which means we get MORE love, happiness, joy, wealth, confidence and so on.

When we go beyond the mind and realise that we are not our thoughts we are able to open up to ALL of the possibilities that exist within us AND external to us.

We begin to free ourselves of the daily internal battles and we begin to LIVE.

Truly LIVE.

Something that most people never experience.

The great news... if you didn’t already know this now you do!

So my question to you...

What do you choose instead???

Big love always

Allie 💚