Let me ask you a question...

How do you feel about ALL of you?

The parts of you that you love?

The parts of you that you struggle with?

Your feelings of anxiety and/or depression?

Your past?

Your childhood?

Your decisions?

ALL of it?

I got thinking about this the other day and what I've begin to notice more and more as I continue to work 1:1 with incredible clients is that as humans we have this inbuilt system that seems to disconnect us from ALL of these parts of ourselves.

It's like the older we get the more we segment ourselves in to a range of different boxes.

Boxes that we are happy to share with others.

Boxes that we put to the back of the highest shelf in the hopes that we forget it's there and that we hope no one else will ever find out about either.

Boxes that we label with anxiety, depression, unfulfilled, dissatisfied and so on...

Boxes we label with past. Present. Future.

We have this tendency to disconnect from who we truly are because we feel that we are broken, not good enough, we need to be fixed, something is wrong with us, we're not perfect, others won't accept us, and so on.

When the truth of the matter is that every experience has made you who you are today.

YOU are beautiful and perfect just the way you are... imperfections and all.

Your soul has been waiting for you to remember the incredible, amazing person that you truly are.

The sadness you feel... embrace it.

The pain you feel... embrace it.

The happiness you feel... embrace it.

The PAST you... embrace it.

The NOW you... embrace it.

Allowing ALL of the parts of you to become one allows you to heal. It allows you to breathe. It allows you to connect with who you truly are. It allows you to connect with your truth. Your purpose. Your power.

How do I do that you ask?

You begin your journey home to self. You begin to look inward. You begin to listen. You begin to love, honour and nurture yourself. You begin to acknowledge each and every part of you. You surrender. You choose YOU first.

After all, the greatest relationship you will ever have is the relationship you choose to have with yourself...

Big love ❤️