There's this strange misconception that we need to be emotionless, on a mission and have our life sorted.

Let's clear something up.

Those messy parts of you... 
The emotional parts...
The parts you think you need to fix or hide...
The uncertainty about who you are...
The figuring it all out...

ALL of it is a part of your masterpiece.

It's all part of the process.
It's all part of the beauty.
It's all part of the journey.

Let go of the need to always know the answers.
Let go of the notion that when you figure this stuff out everything will be better.

YOU are amazing just as you are.
YOU shine so beautiful and bright.
YOU are here on this planet to remember just how incredible you truly are.

Let go of the control.
Let go of the self-judgement.
Let go of having to figure it all out.


YOU are here for a reason.
YOU are a part of something so much bigger than you think you know.
YOU are extraordinary.

#embrace ALL the parts of you that you don't understand.

#acknowledge your superb individuality.

#givethanks for another day to walk your path.

And here's the clincher...

When you begin to turn inwards and connect with your heart, the rest doesn't even matter.

Your heartspace is where the stillness lives.
It's where the self-love blossoms.
It's the place that abundance thrives.
It's where self-assurance resides.

Within your heartspace there is no room for judgement, self-loathing, fear, hate, hurt, pain, chaos.

And you know what...

You just need to listen.

Big love ❤

#truth #chooselove #itsallwithin