Behind Closed Doors was created to share deep-dive, unfiltered and uninhibited conversations that we are usually only having with our best friend, our partner, our coach or counsellor.  

It's the taboo conversations.  The uncomfortable conversations.  And sometimes, it's the conversations that we aren't even having at all.

The incredible women and men that are interviewed on this Podcast are all well respected people in their fields who are making a massive impact in this world.  They are empowered leaders that stand up for truth, equality and freedom.  People that are happy to be catalysts for change.  People that are happy to share their stories and struggles so that other women and men are inspired to do the same.  Women and men who are often out of the box.

The vision for this Podcast is that it inspires, educates and empowers women and men to let go of their fears, insecurities and judgements of self and begin to understand that every individual has a story worth sharing.

Big love always

Allie May



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